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One of the things I would seriously consider doing is moving your story from the About Us section to the front page – people love stories and yours is a good one!

Then, I’d get out and start pimping it on the alterno sites … there’s a million things you could change about it, but I suspect that you don’t need the best website in the world to sell what you’re selling to your niche … in fact, I reckon your website could be heaps worse and STILL sell … it’s really getting the word out – letting people who are interested in piercing know that you’ve got cool, cheap stuff they can get a hold of …

Suggestions would be: tattoo and piercing websites, obviously – but also anything to do with punk music, hardcore metal, etc. Now, I’m not normally a huge fan of E-Bay, but it might be worth putting a few items up that link back to your online store … a lot of people will go to Ebay first, assuming they’re going to get a good price. If you can get attention and capture some market share … then get people talking about you … oooohhhh – do you know what would REALLY work? Hook up with some new-ish bands (try an indy record label) and SHARE a street team … I heart alterno life-style stuff … :)