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@ Leela: Great ideas thank you! I just did a search for indy labels, and one of the first listings was for Spooky Records, which is kinda spooky in itself, because I live in one of an official “Australia’s Ghost Towns” town * grins*. I’m not sure what you mean by SHARE though. I will definitely look at some Aussie tattoo/piercing sites too.
I did have the about me on the front page, but changed it when I read advice about a site being aimed at “what I offer”, not “who I am”…will see about changing it back.

@ Renee Oh, I have no doubt there’d be some Aussies who wouldn’t get it too*grins*
The cuffs are cool, yep…and shortly I’ll be adding the ones my DH adapted to include a thin chain, from the cuff, to a pierced earring, and others with a small beaded dangle. We actually had some folk in Texas order some custom ones, that had a chain from the cuff to an earring AND to a nose bone, and those will also be available later. ( Our favourite custom “chain addition” was from a belly ring to points north and south.)

Thank you both for your positive words and inspiration :-)