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HI Jan
Firstly you would need to obtain details of the suppliers of these items – austrade may be able to help here or the Australian embassies in those countries may be able to point you in the right direction. Next contact the suppliers and find out whether they already have distributors in Australia, what their minimum order quantities are, their wholesale pricing, shipment terms etc. Next you would need to do a competitor analysis of what is already available here similar to your products, and their pricing. You would then need to contact freight companies once you have an idea of minimum orders, wholesale pricing and weight / volume of minimum orders as I imagine what you are looking at importing would be heavy and / or large. Once you have all that information you would then have a much better idea of how viable it all is. I have an import pricing template that might help you with that if you are interested. You also need to be aware of any exchange rate fluctuations that might affect your profit eg would you be importing from a country that is politically unstable.
That would be my advise first of all – do a lot of research to get a good idea of potential profit margins. After that you would then be wanting to do some target market research and test how much of a demand there is for your product over here.
Hope that helps