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Ideas Book, post: 14793 wrote:
Hi Jan
Just email me on [email protected] for the template – no charge.
Re Tax and GST. First of all you would need to find out the duty rate on the products – these vary and you would need to call a freight forwarder, describe the product and they would then be able to tell you. Re GST – you would be charged GST by the freight company when you import the product. You can claim this back on your BAS. You may also be eligible for deferred GST which means that you don’t pay the GST when the goods arrive but pay it on your next BAS after importation – the good news with that is that you also claim it back on the same BAS therefore they both cancel each other out and you are not out of pocket for any period of time for that particular GST expense. There are various rules however to be able to qualify for deferred GST so you would need to look into that.
Re approaching the supplier – you could try that and see what they say although if they do not manufacture themselves they may be unwilling to give you the info as they would see you as a potential competitor. You could try buying some from them and seeing whether it says on the packaging who the supplier is.

Thanks again Sophie. That sounds a lot simplier than reading the customs document to figure out the duty – hahaha… Great tip regarding GST. It is my assumption that the retail shop does not manufacture themselves but there’s no harm in asking so will try as suggested. – Thx, Jan