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Thanks to the genius Mr Jay Abraham, we know there are only three ways to grow a business:

* Increase the number of clients
* Increase the number of client transactions
* Increase the average transaction amount

So, can you handle more clients? Do you want to be working more hours? If so, that’s one way to look at it …

Better, perhaps, is to increase the number of client transactions … can you offer some kind of incentive for people signing a 12 month contract with you? Can you show them that they need to use your services more often? Incentive wise, I would look at cross selling and bundling someone elses stuff – you don’t want to put too much of your own time into it or you’ll run out!

The third is to increase the average transaction amount – i.e. – put your prices up. (there’s other ways to increase transaction amount, but this is the most basic). To go from $710 to $1,000 (after tax? So let’s say approx $1,350 / week to allow for maximum personal tax) – you need to more or less double your prices.

Of course, you could do a combination of all three of the above …

10% more clients,
10% more client transactions,
10% price rise.

Quite often when people want to make more money, they JUST run after more clients … fact is, the people who have ALREADY bought from you are your greatest untapped source of potential income … they’ve bought once, as long as you are delivering, there’s a good chance you can get them to buy more and more often.