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ickle Kids
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I like the simplicity of your site. I think your logo is great and the fact it flows though to your vehicles, make it look more professional.

Here are my thoughts:

* I didn’t really know what bituman was made up of. So I think for your nuffs like me, you might have to spell it out in your “why choose bitumen” section with the first line of … Bitumen is …
* I did find an explanation in your FAQs but I think it needs to be readily available for customers
* can you also state more specifically why it’s better than – brick (weeds, if driving on it brick needs to be concreted so the bricks don’t shift with weight of the car etc etc), asphalt etc. You do mention general reasons, but people are obviously on there as they are researching different options for drive ways etc.
* I agree, would be better for photos to be more obvious for the before and after shots. Can you label them by suburbs etc?

Hope this helps!