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OK, some things you need to do

1. Work on your SEO a bit – The title tage for the main page should be “East Gippsland Hot Bitumen” so the search engines pick up the location when people search. EVERY page can do with a good, unique descriptive title of about 6 words.

2. Check the text, there is a typo in there. I would also bold one instance of East Gippsland Hot Bitumen.

3. Include in that intro text about the cost effectiveness, speed of surfacing/resurfacing etc. Tell people “what’s in it for me”

4. The slide show, get rid of the truck pictures and put lots more examples of completed work, so people can easily use this to visualise their own driveway etc.

5. Hate to say it, but some of the ‘after’ shots I’d think about taking some new ones, or expand your services to include edging ;) Looking at the surfacing with a keen eye I think I could see imperfections in the smoothness. The best of the best should be showcased, which I imagine is every job you do, but to me the lack of a good edging was letting things down.

6. Testimonials – source some – get people to say how fast/great/professional etc the service is and the benefit they have enjoyed by having a wonderful new surface.

Just a few points from a quick look