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Hi there, just had a quick look also. My first impression was the main flash banner should have more pictures of finished driveways and less of the truck. Can that be moved down a bit also? Looks like the image is too close to the top of the page and it feels like you are missing out part of the picture.

I like the boxes with the ticks on the side, it quickly allows someone to see what you do straight away without having to read through the text.

I agree with the other comments, keep adding more good before and after shots, and get some testimonials.

Maybe also have contact details or at least a phone number on every page, and invite people to contact you – make it easy for them. Rather than just your contact details on the contact page, can you add more info including best time to contact you, or opening hours, when can they expect an email reply etc.

I think it definitely works well for what you were saying you are wanting providing a professional image. Good job. A website does wonders for that in my opinion. Have you checked out your competitors website by the way? Do they have them? Is always a good way to spy on your competition, and gets ideas to outdo them!

All the best.