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just K
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Hi there Aussie Pom,

few little suggestions …

I’d suggest an ‘about us’ page and consider moving much of the home page content there. And put consider putting a picture of your husband, any employees and yourself (plus family) there.

I feel the first (home) page should be a bit more service and product focussed. Consider using words such as ‘high quality’, ‘easy to deal with’, ‘reliable’.

Agree with the points about contact information (first page … if not every page).

Also, a pet hate of mine is alluding to competitors. Especially in ‘beating a quote’ … to ME it’s suggesting I go see the other guys first!

Maybe put links for the two logos … but have them go to new pages on your site … explain the business award, it’s criteria etc. and with the AAPA – explain why EGHB is a member and what it means etc.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,