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I think strategic partners are an excellent way of gaining new customers. My definition of a strategic partner is someone that services the same target market as you, but with non competing products and services.

You can host joint events/workshops, contribute articles for each others newsletters, provide exclusive special offers, and the list goes on.

As an example, our target market is small businesses with 1-200 employees, where the owner is primarily responsible for marketing. While the principles found in the Duct Tape Marketing System can help any small business improve their marketing efforts, we tend to work with service based businesses and professional services businesses.

I approach small businesses that service the same target market as myself (eg Accountants/Printers/Finance brokers/Credit Unions/Solicitors etc) and I offer to run a free 2 hour seminar called the 7 steps to small business marketing success, that they can offer at no charge to their clients.

The small business wins as they are providing something of value to their clients.

Their clients win beacuse of the tools and strategies they walk away with that they can implement immediately.

I win because I have gained exposure with a new bunch of business owners where some of them will want to speak with me about how can I help them further.

You have to be VERY careful with this approach though. It cannot be a sales pitch, it MUST provide value or you will completely ruin your relationship with the small business, and you will probably damage their relationship with their clients.

Anyway, stategic partnerships can be an excellent way of new business! I hope the above sparks an idea or two about what you might be able to do.