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veebee, post: 14902 wrote:
Hiya all

Am hoping someone may have access to, have used, or could advise me on a business (probably small business), who does lead generation.

I am looking to expand my workload, and would like to find a cost effective business who can help me in this area.



Hi VeeBee,

Have you looked at generating your own leads? When we are looking to fill up our lead bucket we look at targeted advertising strategies such as facebook and PPC (Pay Per Click – things like google adwords) online.. you could potentially look into those areas.

The benefits of that sort of advertising is it is extremely targeted to your market and you only pay for what gets clicked.

Can I suggest you check out this video we have done for our clients on adverting with Facebook – http://www.yourbusinesswebsite.com.au/targetted-online-marketing

This would have to be one of our greatest lead generation techniques yet.

No one knows your business like you, so you would be the best to get the leads and actually convert them!