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Dave Bockett
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Kopi Kade, post: 14903 wrote:
I am currently pursuing to buy a cafe in the Sydney CBD. I am not game enough to start on my own, as I do not have any experience in food. I had a news agency and a post office for five years (4:30 am -7 pm), so hard work is not an issue. I sold it because of the distance from home; hence I am looking in the Sydney CBD 5 days. I really like the retail side of the business, meeting people and chatting. Any body who owns a café, or had one, any tips, advice, experiences, or things gone wrong, etc, I would appreciate any information and would love to hear from you.
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Hi Mohan,
Best of luck! Hard work is certainly something I always associate with running a cafe!

Have a look at http://www.thecafeninja.com Craig Reid who runs the site is a regular in the forums and I’m sure he will be able to provide you some great advice.