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gregdonhardt, post: 14905 wrote:
Hi All,

Well I have been a member of Flying Solo for a couple of years now. It has always been a dream of mine to run my own business, work my own hours and spend time with the kids. The problem has always been finding the skill that I am best at in a market that is competitive. My wife and three children depend on me for an income, although my wife is just starting to head back into the workforce.

I have recently injured myself at work and for the past two months have been off work, although I am now back in the office for 4 hrs a week. Unfortunately it is looking like I wont be able to return to my pre-injury job, and my current employer doesnt really have anything to cater for me in any other areas. I know it will all get sorted out by Workcover etc, but I am thinking now might be the actual driving force to move into my own business.

Herein lies the problem. What field? I am a bit of a jack of all trades. I have a couple of different qualifications. I am a qualified audio engineer and have worked many live audio events, however this kind of work involves moving heavy equipment which is not suited to my injury. I am also qualified in data and communications (network cabling, telephone systems etc), but once again this kind of work is not suitable for my injury. Prior to my injury I was working as an Audio Visual Systems Integrator, which basically is heavy installation work of audio visual systems for corporate and government clients. Again not suitable for my injury. I have a love of theatre, in particular musical theatre and have been involved at an amateur level for quite sometime in a number of different capacities. I am also a keen photographer and have undertaken some short courses. I have had a dabble of event/stage management in the professional world, mainly based out of Sydney (I am in Adelaide). But whilst I am experienced in these fields, I dont necessarily have the official paperwork to back me up.

Unfortunately I cant afford to go cold turkey with no guaranteed income while I establish my business or undertake training etc.

I really dont know what to do and would appreciate any suggestions or ideas.


Hi Greg
have you thought about running an online business?
Have a look at my website if you are interested give me a call.