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ickle Kids
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Hi Greg,

You are a Jack of all trades aren’t you?! It’s a great position to be in. I think you will benefit from drawing a mind map of where you want to go:

* for each of the categories you mentioned e.g. photography, event stage management etc – do a pros and cons list which includes things such as:
* start up costs/initial investment
* target market
* how you would go about marketing your service
* how many hours you would need to put in to make $x etc.
* related fields that you may be able to tap into
* do you need a website?
* do you need a qualification as such to be able to set up your business?
* Photography – I think this might be a low start up cost? The equipment presuamably you have? You can get a site going (maybe wordpress or blogger) to show off your photos, word of mouth from friends and family to build your portfolio?
* think of other things to put on your pros and cons list for each “idea” you have.

Anyway, just thoughts. Good luck and let us know how you get on.