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Hi Greg,

Not in the same position as you in terms of injury, but similar in terms of finding what to do.

My simple concept, I have roughly 1-3 new business ideas on a monthly business, if I had the cash they’d all be launched by now, but several key points surround these ideas and a simple phrase..

How can I do a business around what I love with little effort..

Effort isn’t necessarily about hard yakka or cash etc, but the old keep it simple aspect.

For example for your business, I would suggest you look at how you could develop an online store providing Audio Visual and Electrical equipment with Home Installations, find installers to work for you and go to TAFE’s or Mission Australia or CentreLink to see how you can help the community (and be paid for it), speak to a bank manager how you could potentially develop this into a franchise model (think Jim’s Antenna’s or similar).

Alternatively seek retail outlets (like CNW) that offer franchise models and look to become a business owner versus a worker, same as above, but buying into an established business does provide some security, but costs can be prohibitve.

Also appraoch other companies in your field and see if you can become a Pre-Sales Consultant as such, help earn an incomce whilst developing your own business.

I am currently developing a Small Business Advisory firm, based on my passions and experience over the past 15 years in Marketing, IT Solutions, Business Systems and general advice and guidance and more than willing to have more of chat offline if you want to..

Either way, good luck in your endeavours.