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Hi David, always great to have more SEO people on board, especially people that have been around for a while with a lot of experience.

Can I ask you a quick question (sorry bit long winded now that I’ve written it) while your here also.. Is it normal for a site to bounce all over the place in terms of page results for keyword searches on google?

Basically my site was on page one of google for ‘hammock’ for about 2weeks, while I was running google adwords. This was a jump up from about page 5 prior to starting adwords. Then my credit expired and I stopped the adwords. A few days later we were butt kicked all the way back to page 6, bounced up to page 2 a couple of days later when I again started adwords, but now we are languishing on page 7. Is this normal search engine behaviour or have done something wrong to annoy google? Site is relatively new only been up since February also.

Thanks, and welcome.