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mexham, post: 14998 wrote:
Can I ask you a quick question (sorry bit long winded now that I’ve written it) while your here also.. Is it normal for a site to bounce all over the place in terms of page results for keyword searches on google?

I think you answered your question when you said your web site is fairly ‘new’. New web sites tend to bounce around a lot more than the older established authority web sites.

Your Google Adwords account should have no relation to the natural results.

What you would likely need to do is to establish your web site a bit more to compete for that term. The best course of action to take is to obtain quality one-way links with the keyword in the anchor text (link pointing back) to your web site.

Once you have these quality links in place, overtime Google will weight those links accordingly and will add it to the score of your web site; thus hopefully boosting you under that keyword phrase.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Judd.. yeah we need to catch up again soon! Franki has been pushing me about it.. lol