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Mine is a strange situation (or maybe not) that all the work the other company has in Australia has been brought in by myself from my contacts and through my name in those industries. Only 1 contract that I have done to date has been provided by them but saying that I have no issue letting them have these contacts directly as I was with them at the time and yes the Friendship is very important (usually only a 12 month period of absence). Ballpark of what I have brought in would be in the $850k range in less than 12 months.

I think the hard thing going forward is what to keep and what to let on with regards to future work as I could easily have a 6 day week, 15 hours a day off my own back with no in between with my other contacts and other streams of potential income.

A strategic understanding between both parites to share the work will be what I am aiming for.

Thanks for the input.