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Warren Cottis
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Hi Chris

You are suffering from solo entrepreneur syndrome and you need some structure and a mentor. The following are extracts from various posts I have made… if they have some resonance with you then go to my contact page and make contact with me… Benedict did and I don’t charge for everything I do in life…

“Hi Benedict

I read your posts and like what you write and your research.

Clearly, you will make the most money if you focus on those skills plus your client nurturing and interaction.

We have a whole design and production team that could support you so that you would be free to do what you do best… marketing and client interaction

We also bring a lot of diverse skills to the table including management, accounting, financial, legal and systems expertise that you could access.

If you would like to explore how we could support you then just drop me a line and rest assured your clients would always be your clients.”

“Hi Steveo

I respectfully suggest that you grab a copy of Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth” because your focus now should not be on being a techie and working on your website.

You need to take the role of entrepreneur and marketer… not building your website.”

“Hi Sydney Bloke

We mentor a number of our clients by using a Balanced Scorecard approach that covers the four quadrants of every business; finance & management accounting, sales & marketing, internal systems & processes, the direction & evolution of your business.”