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Hi Chris,

I’m 24 now, and only been online (testing with scripts, affiliate marketing, etc) for 3-4 years or so, on and off, now permanently ON lol.

I think, with the business you’re in, is that it’s too saturated. I’ve wanted to start a hosting business before, and get like a cool domain name, and attractive packages.. etc. But, it’s really hard to compete in this business, as the BIG boys in the business are owning the game BIG TIME.

They’re charging around $3-$4 per month basically for unmetered bandwidth, space for shared linux hosting. And they have 10’s of thousand of clients paying that amount each month.

So, eventually people will know the truth, which company are offering the best deals etc.. and go to them.

Now, what if you lowered the price, well you can.. but will that make you money? NO.. you need to keep the price, reasonably below high – to catch the ignorant and people who are new to the online world.

imho, your website will need to change it’s style. Just copy the big boys.. for example, copy midphase.com’s promotional salespage. I’m using them at the moment and they have great deals.

Change your website style to be more.. attractive and will keep people wanting more, and buying the product NOW.

Your current page is quite dull, as not many people want to read all the information, etc.. and the words does not stand out.

And, lastly, you can search the yellowpages online, and look for businesses without a website, and offer them a promotional bundle, for the price of $.., we can offer you a website, with hosting etc..

So.. you need to change your product sales page, and take advantage of the online yellowpages technique. Email them, then if they reply with questions, give them a call to arrange right away. Present your product and give them no option but to say yes. For businesses like these, you’ll want to lock them in for at least 12 months. So they’ll need to pay 12 months in advance.

For the website building, you can use website builders.. build a website then charge them for it. Your target market is those who are new to online hosting, you’ll want to tend to their wants and needs.. and they don’t want to hear all these jargons like the features on your websites etc.. they know nothing about it.

There, I’ve told you.. once you target your market properly, and change your website to suit those newbies. Then you’ll see a significant change and profit coming your way :)

To work smarter, is really to copy what those successful people are doing, and work and improve on them. And to know your target :)

Now that I’ve tried to help you, can you give me some ideas on how to improve my sales page? http://www.VacuumRobot.com.au

PM me if you can. Much thanks,