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Hi Chris
Sounds like you are having a pretty tough time right now, so just wanted to send you a friendly wave. :)

Perhaps this is a good moment to steal a couple of days off for yourself? I highly recommend the formula of spending a whole day doing nothing except having fun, and then the next day re-considering how you really want your business to look and putting together some ideas of what it would take to get it there. Even if it’s a long-term plan, once you are working towards something instead of purely treading water, you may just find it all feels a bit more manageable!

You’re always welcome to post questions here too, and will no doubt receive some really practical advice. That tends to work best if you can break the issues down into small chunks (‘baby steps’ as you said!) that allow us to think about one issue at a time though… so again, taking some time to identify where you want to go first might be useful.

Good luck – please do keep in touch, we’re keen to hear from you and pitch in with suggestions and support when we can.