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Hi Chris

It’s all about building trust. Trust that you can serve me better than anyone else.

Trust is built or eroded in the little details. Overall the template looks clean and inviting and it looks like you have plenty to offer but it is how the details and sell are executed that you are tripping yourself up.

Think carefully of who your ideal customers are (will be) and then design – on paper first – a process or Sales Flow that will appeal directly to them. Alter, move or remove anything that will get in the way of that flow.

This is a whole area in itself so don’t panic. You can learn a lot yourself if you like or of course there are ppl who provide these services (like me I admit). I have a lot of articles on creating Sales Flow on my site and you may also look at Webdesign From Scratch and his book as that is a great little intro to design for usability, which is of course Sales.