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Some quick suggestions about your layout:

  1. Move the 1300 phone number to just under your logo, I need to know you have one but its not that importnat while I am still researching as a new visitor
  2. “Direct Support” sounds like you provide support to the hosting industry, maybe that is just my ‘insider bias’
  3. Don’t make people click to see why they should buy form you, move your 1-5 reasons page content oonto the home page in place of your phone number. Tell ’em up front why you are great
  4. I see where you are kind of going with your plan names, Alpha VS Bravo and Gold VS Silver VS Bronze. Maybe get one complete set of names (Or drop some plans if you can’t name them all in one theme)
    1. Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo
    2. Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc
  5. Find a niche. Focus on a single type of customer, draft up a full page description of your ideal customer and make your website sell to that person.

I would love to see your site again after you make any changes.