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Adam Randall
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Aidan, post: 15233 wrote:

the company is a lighting production firm! Using Padington or Paddington would be equally silly!

Who on earth looks for lighting production firms using searches like Pad(d)ington Council? It would be an awful waste of money to have those council seekers click through!

Maybe the company is based in Paddington, Maybe the previous company had a reason for it, the first thing to do is find out how many times it was viewed versus how many times it was clicked on.

If it was a phrase that slipped through and was a mistake, they will generally have a very short life as Google will disable the advert, so either it was an inappropriate advert which nobody clicked on or it was there for a reason and did get some clicks.

Companies that want to have good control over their ad campaigns will have thousands of key phrases set to exact match & geo targeting turned on which is what we do when running ad campaigns for ourselves.

When dealing with thousands of keyphrases sometimes a phrase that makes no sense will get in there but if it makes no sense, nobody will click on it and it will not lose any money.