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Adam, are you completely mad or looking to test the SEO/SEM guys around here?

The whole point of PPC (such as Adwords) is to connect, in the most efficient way possible, with people looking for the products or services you sell.

If you sell tennis shoes you would create adgroups (ad variations and their related keywords) around the things you sell, so you might have a group for ‘nike tennis shoes’ another for ‘discount tennis shoes’ and another for ‘ladies tennis shoes’. (I could go on and on…)

Those adgroups would ONLY have keywords DIRECTLY related to the product on offer. i.e. they would not have spurious KW’s such as ‘Paddington Council’ or indeed any other council, borough, city, county, country or continent or any other completely unrelated word such as ‘humpback whale’.

We’re not selling paddington councils or humpback whales. – We’re selling lighting production services!

Anybody looking to try Adwords – for God’s sakes please do not go putting unrelated words into your campaigns just because you think they may have some searchers! You would be breaching every known code of advertising and risking a ban from using Google!