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Adam, with respect, your approach is a lousy one.

Throw some keywords into an adgroup and trust that Google will disable them if they are poor ones, therefore only a little bit of client budget wasted!

As a certified PPC specialist doing it since soon after PPC started, I can tell you that experienced or certified specialists would never try to advertise a lighting production service with a keyword like ‘Paddington council’, the idea is as laughable as picking ‘animal’ to advertise Optus just because they use animals in their other advertising.

As the original poster said:

Needless to say neither of those examples was getting returns from their Google Adwords if anything they were getting allot of time wasters who would ring up and waste time.

I don’t doubt it because the approach is terrible.

As for my example with the tennis shoes, go and read the Google guidelines!
By the way, People who use the term ‘ankle injury’ are not looking for tennis shoes…

Sorry mate but people on this forum generally don’t have money to waste, they need good advice and not the sort of approach that you are suggesting.