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At the risk of contradicting those before me, I would lean toward the first layout.

The second design to me feels a little too boxed in, especially around the ‘happy people’ photo.

I agree that the top row of navigation would work better placed closer to the content of the site, and you may want to consider removing the ~ characters; as they do not add much value to the site for a visitor.

Also in the right hand side navigation, you have “Surgical HOME” and “Orthopeadics HOME”. I sugest dropping the word ‘home’ from the end of each, as I imagine they go to a top level page for those two distinct categories.

A final suggestion I have is about the search box at the bottom right hand side

  1. Lift it up to the top of the navigation so that repeat buyers don’t have to scroll down your page…plus
  2. Add in the ability to search by a phrase or word as well as a code.

I would be interested to see this design as it progresses; and the site once it goes live too.