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Warren Cottis
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Hi Spotty

I was originally going to support Benedict’s thread of “imagine how good your NEW business could be if you improved your marketing and your website and your customer interaction”.

Fiona also made a great point about getting to know your database before doing anything radical.

So I thought I would have a look at your website since you feel the site is very successful and has built a database base of 600 customers in two years… and I clicked on over.

Well Spotty… I have to tell you that I am going to sue you for damages.

I cannot get up off the floor and my ribs hurt… now, sure I am old and grumpy but I have never ever seen a website “Closed for School Holidays”… did you say your bought this business three days ago?

OMG…. I am too old for such shocks & humour at the same time

I am sorry if you now hate me Spotty but “I just had to say something”