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Hi Spotty

I tend to agree with the above comment, closed for holidays is a bit disconcerting. Websites never close, are up and trading 24/7/365.

Website design follows builiding design in that form follows function. Some of the most successful small business sites don’t look great yet they do very well, whereas some fantastic and expensive agency designed sites perform dismally.

If I were you I would contact some of your customers by phone once they have bought from you and ask them what they like and dont like about your site, and what would they like to see on the site. Making assumptions based on your model of the world is a risky undertaking. Only after you have spoken to at least 30 -50 people will you even get an inkling of whats right or wrong about the site. Until then don’t change anything cosmetically.

On the back end your newsletter sign ups are probably sitting in a database table. FInd out what platform your CMS is and ask the developer or if its open source start reading forums or seek some help. Your host knows very little about your data even if they understand your platform. There could be some valuable contacts in that database. Also why would you want people to stop subscribing to your site. Email database are very valuable.

Best of luck