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Re: Closing the website during the move

While moving the business (taking your estimated 5 days, or even more), I would personally contact, by phone, any person who ordered during that time and let them know that the business was moving location and their order/items would be delayed: and let them cancel the order if the anticipated time frame was too long.

Or pop a simple message like ‘we’re moving house; some items may be delayed prior to shipping‘ at the top of the order pages to let people know up front, especially if they are making a last minute order for their specials someone celebration.

Keep everyone in the loop, make friends by being upfront, instead of enemies by delivering late.

[The message above is a hypothetical “what I would do in your shoes”; but you are wearing the shoes so you can disregard the above, especially now if the move has completed, and you have sorted out all the stock levels]