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I run all of my websites off Business Catalyst – so the hosting is included along with a bazillion other features that I need at a stupidly low price (although the company has recently been bought out by Adobe, so lets see how long THAT lasts!).

The only site that ISN’T or, won’t be, run off this will be the new site we’ve got going up at the start of next year – the level of bandwith we will need will be huge and normal hosting won’t cut it … so we’re off looking for someone who can handle hardcore bandwith and has a guaranteed high percentage of up time. Can’t afford for my site to go down regularly.

I’m working on a job for a client who is in the adult industry and for their website we’re looking for something with huge bandwith that is adult-friendly – which REALLY narrows the field.

So, on my numerous small sites and landing pages the decision was not just one of cost, but one of FEATURES – BC is one single, integrated platform that gives me my CRM, CMS, Hosting, Affiliate Management, and a million other internet marketing things I need.

My other sites are really about size and deliverability.