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King, post: 15221 wrote:
I tried two AU hosting providers before giving up in disgust on the basis of price, features and most importantly access to support.

I now use a USA based provider and have been with them solely for over 4 years (one domain 8 years) and they have cpanel which is great, plus excellent support 24/7 and have a dozen servers so when i got hacked they could move servers easily as part of the fix.

Main aspects in recap
support service
price features

It’s become a bit like choosing a mobile phone plan.

Some hosting companies go the extra mile some just look at $figures.

Though its a bit like going to a mechanic and being told it was your widget that was loose.

If you use stock standard scripts you should ask your provider to install installatron. One nice feature is the upgrade alerts and flexibility when you need to update scripts due to security exploits.