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Adam Randall
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Paul Reynolds, post: 15146 wrote:
SA members.
I would like to explore the possibilities of putting together an information session combining our expertise.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam from Creydell Systems and Tim from Icon Business Solutions, two providers of beneficial products and information for any business owners. Both very switched on people.

So far, i think we could present valuable information about business improvement, all the computer, I.T and associated stuff i know FA about, and I could contribute info about managing debtors and getting paid on time.

Basically, we talk to our clients about what the session covers, and gain a level of interest.

I am pretty sure i could secure a room for minimal cost at the Edinburgh hotel in mitcham, (during business hours), and would like some feedback from other Adelaide business owners about services they could present about, or customers that would be interested.

P.S Jeremy from JPAP, if you see this, i think a session about how debt collectors operate would be a great benefit also, i have a couple of guys who own debt collection companies who could present, but i would prefer to keep this as a FS event.

As always,
Hit me with your feedback

I am always up for anything that involves chatting to other business owners & if the occassion permits a beverage or two.