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Certainly working solo presents many challenges and this will no doubt develop into an excellent thread.

I work solo, in a regional area, internet based, so I find generally most people I ‘talk’ to are my suppliers and customers, none of whom is closer than 2,000km.

But then this also suits my personality. I went don the free seminar road for a while but found it so tiring and the results marginal that I gave that idea away.

For me the motivation is having irons in several fires (websites). If one seems ho hum because I have been working at it for a few days, then I switch hats and do one of the other ones, all quite diverse, so there is variety and luckily I have the flexibility with each one to do this.

I guess I could try to organise once a week drink with other soloists in my town, maybe not to network or talk shop but just have a yarn, maybe say yes times are a bit tough, and know others are feeling a bit the same.

But as you have hinted, there is nothing like a low bank balance to provide motivation!!