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warrenc, post: 15203 wrote:
Hi pvville

Does… “my first step is to find a reliable developer for the project, if you happen to know someone open to different arrangements for potent start-ups”… mean you don’t have a plan and a budget?

If the answer is in any way “yes” please have a look at my post to sydneybloke tonight and if you think you want to have a chat that’s fine… otherwise please take a look at my post about Websites for Entrepreneurs + Email Marketing Platform

Hi Warren,

Thank you for taking the time to…. er… welcome me.

You’re right, I do not have a heapto throw at from-scratch development so my post means I will explore every option for realising the technological side. I know what I need functionality-wise but will collect advice on the minimum requirements. eg, perhaps there is os that may be customised for this. It is digital assets management – not so different to a lot that’s out there. I looked at your site but couldn’t be sure whether this was up your alley?
I’ll give you a call to ask. Just looking to lock capital estimates in.