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Adam Randall
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Rondelle@ScrapLounge, post: 15245 wrote:
Hi there, I’m just new on here and I find myself in a very troublesome situation at the moment. My website has been down for four days as is my host company’s website and I have absolutely NO WAY of contacting them…their phone no is disconnected…..

I want to change hosts but the sad truth is I have not saved my website files as I never knew how to do it…..I know, stupid with a big fat S but I can’t change that now.

So what I was hoping to find out from any of you tech experts (which I am absolutely not) is there ANYTHING I can do or ANY WAY of accessing my control panel files while the host server is down and not looking like coming back up anytime soon?

If it helps at all my website is http://www.scraplounge.com.au

thank you in advance for absolutely any assistance you can give me



You should be able to get all your pages back but they may not be the latest.
You should get one company that you trust to look after web design/web hosting/domain name needs otherwise if you just go for the cheapest individual component, you end up being responsible when it does not work and as you have found out pretty helpless.

Use a local company to where you live so you at least have someone to ring when things go wrong.

Let people know what host it was so that others do not make the same mistake.