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thanks for everyone’s replies. Lorrie, it is the same company that we’re dealing with…..or would be if they weren’t so cowardly and just disappeared! Renee, I would love to share the host’s name but there are still so many businesses being affected that at this stage I don’t want to jepardise any slim chance this may be resolved any time soon…I will say this though, it’s the same Company that designed my website so if you check those links that King has added you will work out who it is. And Adam, I wish this company was the cheap option! They were far from cheap to deal with believe me.

King and Adam, thank you so much for posting those links to the web archives, I have copied the code so maybe that will help, thank you.

The main component is my forum, gallery and the Openads banner system I had running for my sponsors. I guess that side of it is going to be the problem.