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Dave Bockett
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I have to agree with Mexham and have also found it very easy, simple to setup and pretty effective.

I have just had a look at my Adwords account now and my best performing keywords for last month are getting nearly 20% click-thru-rates which I’m pretty happy with. That’s with a budget of $100/month.

Having said that I’m sure it can depend on what you sell and to who in terms of demand for your keywords etc. For this particular product we are the only local business selling the product in the ACT so we get very targeted results. There are few variations that people can use to describe the product which I’m sure also really helps us.

I had a sales call from one of these companies a few months back and I was pretty sure I knew more about it that her but that could just have been a good company with a bad sales person!

I would also agree it’s worth giving it a go with say $50/month budget and see how it works and if you need further help.