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tigeronic, post: 15315 wrote:
Hi guys,

New to the site, and absolutely love it!

I’m currently a full time employee, and looking to start my own business.

The inspiration comes from understanding an online business that has been done in the US. Due to the choice of service partners used at their end, they are unable to provide the service for users outside of the USA.

So, I wanted to start the business in Australia – replicating of the business model that they have created.

As much as possible I will make the website different, but in effect, the service will be the same.

I can’t find any Copyright or IP info on their site.

So, are there any legal implications in doing this? Can the US company later on sue me for copying their business idea?

There is no intention for me to provide the service outside of Australia – so I wanted to get your thoughts as to what you all think.


Hi Tigertronic, and welcome!

You cannot copyright an idea and, broadly, commerce relies on the premise that more than one entity will provide the same or similar products and services… imagine domain.com.au (no connection to me, just a well-known example) suing realestate.com.au because the idea to list homes online was theirs! Or, accounting for the apparent fact that you will not even compete with the original, substitute domain.com.au with clevelandrealty.com.
Still, I don’t know the specifics of your case and if you are proposing to mimic a website or the website will necessarily be significantly similar to another, you’d best get an IP expert’s advice before investing your millions.

Good luck… look forward to your updates.