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Hi Allan
Welcome to the forum. There are a few different ways people come up with business ideas – for some it is based around a product or service they feel passionately about, for others it may be based on something they have seen overseas or something they have seen is missing in the marketplace. Another way would be to think about the type of clients you want to deal with – narrow it down to target markets that are constantly growing, that are not going to be too affected by economic downturns, and that are always going to have a need to fill – examples of these might be health related, self improvement, weddings (people are always going to get married), products for parents (parents love spending money on their children), etc. Then once you have figured out your best potential target market start having a look at what is already out there. A great weekly newsletter to sign up to is http://www.springwise.com which gathers new business ideas from around the world – great for inspiration.