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Richard A
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The Internet Bloke, post: 15391 wrote:
If you bought a house for cash, would you allow the real estate agent to store the title deeds in his safe for you? Or register the house in his name?

Of course not.

But many business owners unknowingly allow their web developers to get away with the online equivalent.
Here’s the one question quiz:
Can you log into the control panel of your domain registrar?

If you said no, then you don’t have control of your online business.
End of story.

Most people don’t realise that the access details to their domain name registrar is the most important part of their online business.

Many business owners don’t give a second thought about allowing their web developer to hold the passwords to their domain name, their hosting account, and their web databases.

If fact, some don’t even want to know about these details. This is a big mistake, because there are some unethical web developers around who register themselves as the owners of a business’s domain name, prevent access by the client, and can therefore very effectively hold the business owner to ransom.

If you own a domain name, you should have access to the domain name registrar control panel.
And make sure that YOU (or an appropriate entity) is named as the owner (or registrant).
Because if it’s NOT you, you don’t own the domain name.

You can check the ownership of an Australian domain name at http://mywebname.com.au

You can check the ownership of other domain names at http://domains.whois.com

If you haven’t checked the ownership of your domain names, do it now.
And if the owner or registrant is not you, contact whoever registered the name for you to find out why.

Eric G.


Hardcopy Title Deeds went out with the ark! Its all online now!!

Better find a new analogy…!!