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@ richard a:
Ok, then ignore the reference to houses, and change it to a numbered bank account that contains your life savings.

Hugh Thyer, post: 15439 wrote:
I can get into the control panel, but then again so can my administrator so in a way I’m potentially exposed in that she could lock me out. But the domain and hosting are all in my name so I’d be able to get it all back again though.

There’s no need for your developer to have access to the control panel at your domain registrar.

She will need it for the control panel of the web hosting account.

As long as regular backups are being made of the site, then you would appear to be covered in the event of most forseeable problems. (You should keep a copy of the backed up website files on your own computer as well if possible. Most hosting companies provide an easy way to do this.)

Just one thing though – check up on the ownership of the website files and graphics in the event of a falling out with the web developer. Can they be moved to another site?

cheers, Eric g.