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Adam Randall
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I think its swings and roundabouts – Dont give control to the people that look after your web site and what happens, you will get billed (and rightly so) every time they need to do something or access something.

I put my life and the life of my family in the kid down at K-mart who tightens the wheel nuts on my car after replacing the tyres.

Sometimes trusting people to do the right thing is important otherwise we will all end up having a heart attack at 40 worrying about things that are not that important.

Pick a reliable, honest provider thats been around for a while and the chances of something bad happening are greatly reduced.

I would say that you should probably pick someone local that you can either phone or visit if something goes wrong. That way if they do the dirty you can stand outside their office with a bright pink placard with some choice words written on it.

The catch 22 of all this is that the people who need the most protection are the ones who do not have the first clue about what we are talking about and the reality of the situation is, they often are not interested until something goes wrong.