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Steven Hudson
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THE SALES WARLORD, post: 27140 wrote:
Well, My life IS dependent on it, so I say this, I have led sales teams who made 30k in sales a week from leads generated by cold calling the Yellow P’s. I have worked with “warm data” that made 1/2 a million in 3 months. And in between. The sale in my short 10 years experience is always in the value generated on the phone regardless of information sent or list warmth. That becomes a question of SKILL. So I would have to say there is no substitution for salesmanship regardless of the list quality. Do you have to work a cold list hard? Yes. But regardless of what you do Sales is Sales if it was easy to get as good as I got, everyone would do it. You don’t make thousands of dollars a week without hard work at some stage along the line, anyone who tells you anything else…. Well they are probably trying to sell you something! Can it be made EASIER? Yes. But at some stage someone somewhere has to get off the ass and make some calls to a cold list. Better to know how so you can when you need to than not know and not be ABLE.

The Sales Warlord

Your passion WOW!!…..The sale process….salesmanship is all about leveraging the sale process to your advantage…. the question is what part of the sale process do you believe is the most important part?

From one sales professional to another it’s a bit like asking which child do you sacrifice over another….you can’t. Take me… is the answer on that one.

But which part of the sales process is the most important?

The Research, The qualifying process, under covering needs and wants etc or the close?

Always wondered what other sales professionals think about that.