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Lis Sowerbutts
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Chris Taylor, post: 19514 wrote:
A few points…

1. Ken Evoy is a great marketer and one of the first online many years ago! He has got on the band wagon with every other person stating that SEO is dead so he can flog his product!… pure and simple.

The irony that seems to miss the SBI fans is that the second “leg” of Ken’s “CTPM” forumula is T as in Traffic – where does he think he’s going to get that from – SEO I should think? Or is he advocating off-line methods – maybed a yellow page ad LOL

2. A kid down the street can’t do cheaper than a company and get the same results, SEO does not work like that.
No but alot of the so-called “professional” services are very, very overpriced for what they offer. There seems to be a reliance on not telling the client exactly what needs to be done – its a bit like computers in the old days. I don’t think SEO as a profession is dead – I see too many small businesses without even a website – but I do think prices need to come down – a LOT

There are only a few other marketing methods online out of the many that are cheaper than SEO and of which few people have any idea how to do.
but do they bring qualified buying traffic? There is traffic and traffic – having 10,000 visitors from stumbleupon is worth a whole lot less than a 100 visitors who are searching to buy widgets in Melbourne (assuming you sell widgets in Melbourne)

3. SEO is here to stay as long there are free search engines who make a packet of their advertising like Google and Yahoo.
The game will keep changing – but yes I agree …