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Hello Shellybella,

Thank-you for starting this thread. I have been mulling over the same questions.

I hope you’re still ‘lurking’. I would love to know how you’re going with your skirts? AND have you considered http://www.madeit.com.au as well as (or instead of) ebay? It is a great outlet for Australian handcrafters. I opened a storefront on there in November 2009 and am learning heaps (there is a forum there too) and having fun.

I would register for an ABN, even if you never use it you have it for some future time or as I expect you will need it with your hobby.

So Burgo, with regards to an ABN, can you have one and allow it to lie dormant, so to speak?

What I mean is, if your hobby doesn’t make much money (say a few hundred dollars a year) and you’re a stay-at-home mum (which I am at the moment) and have no other income, would you have to do a tax return if you have an ABN? Or would you submit non-lodgement advice as usual?

I have a few stores currently enquiring about stocking my handmade wares and I would hate to do anything illegal. I understand the ATO provides a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ for hobbyists who have no ABN but are supplying retailers. I guess I could use this until I can be sure my hobby is heading towards a scale that might be considered a business…?

I’m really feeling my way around in the dark and fear my questions might sound silly…so go easy on me. Any input would be welcomed.

Thanks :)