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Welcome to the forums!

I definitely agree – testing the market is so important and having an ebay store is a great way of doing it.

You can also try:

* having a few focus groups with your friends, friends of friends etc. It’s a good way to introduce what you do to your friends, get feedback on price points, product range, get more ideas etc.
* Then try start selling via home parties – good way to gage feedback direct from mums/target market
* also – what about having a stall at kinder/school fetes etc. Another good way to gage what your target market is saying.
* visit as many stalls that do similar things as yours – find out what your point of differentiation is and what makes your products unique is and sell that point, check out the way they display their products etc.

Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck and let us know how you get on.