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Whats wrong with tapes? They are one of the most wideley used types of backups used to this day, and do a fantastic job at a decent price.

There is still so many questions missing from your initial post before I could give you more advice.

Do they own a domain?

Do they need access to their emails from home?

Do they want to run, or need an exchange server?

Do they have users who need access to some data, but also should not have access to other files/ folders?

Backing up to a NAS can have the following problems:

If you backup over night, what if there is a blackout, are you going to have redundant power for it AND the server?

What if they get robbed or burn down, they have no data off site? That means every piece of data would be gone.

Are you going to monitor the nas to make sure it is getting backed up properly, if so, what software are you going to use?

In regards to internet and network and manage services:

Can they get business grade ADSL2+ in their area?

How much data do they have, and do they use SQL databases for any of their products?

Does the software they use provide you the use of VSS?

How much data allowance do they get VS how much they are uploading a month?

how much per GB is the managed services backup plans?

It is very easy to blowout a budget as you can see from the questions above. Managed services like exchange / terminal servers and backups do suit some businesses, but not all.

If you have not setup a server before, I would suggest not selling one to a client if you dont know what you are doing. This could be a HUGE recipie for disaster, and I have seen it happen too many times by people who are in the “IT industry” and have been ripped off and had to have alot of things redone by me.

best thing to do to learn would be to setup a VM at home and setup your own exchange server / domain / even terminal server so you know how eveyrthing works.