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Chris Bates
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I think you’ve missed the scale of this project. They do not need SQL or Exchange servers, nor do they want VMs or remote access, they are a micro business performing general office tasks. The most complex they get, is MYOB (which they want shared access to).

The server I have sourced for them is an entry level one, with Windows Server Foundation. It’s main purpose really is for data collaboration, but also for the use of AD.

They want a low fuss solution, especially in the form of backup. The use of External HDD as a backup medium is for it’s portability. I can set the owner up with a couple drives that he can rotate regularly. It’s not a fool proof backup plan, but it’s one limited by cost and capability, so it’s the best they can achieve for now.

I appreciate your efforts, but I don’t plan to just plug it in and hope it works. I’ll spend my own time and efforts with the server before I take it to the business.