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Hi John,

no worries!

if you have a remote TS there can be a few things that can go wrong.

1. the monly fees can add up pretty fast

2. if your internet is down, the whole team cannot do one bit of work.

3. if your in an area that does not support adsl2 your going to have alot of lag which decreases productivity

4. more often than not you are resticted with file servers etc, and can be quite costly if they are remote (ie. hdd space)

In regards to Standard, that would work fine for a terminal server, you would just need to purchase 2 sets of CALS. one fore TS and one for Windows Server.

Also in regards to monitoring software, do you want to spend money to monitor it or do you want it for free?

Enable seems to be very popular (i dont use it because none of my clients are big enough to warrant the price).

I used Spiceworks which is free and is really good.

lets say this client of yours spends 10k, they arent going to want to spend another 10k in 3 years, or even more becaues they will have to re buy all CALS and all licenses and hardware then downtime for more staff this time etc etc. keep that in mind :p

all i can say is make sure you think of every avenue.

oh and raid the hard drives and used a redundant PSU, you will thank me for it later. :P